Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Not An Expert...

I thought i would share the contents of last week's email to my subscribers as lots of people commented to me how useful and interesting they found it.  (These are emails sent out every Thursday to people who attend my regular classes and like to recieve my online videos and audios.  When there isn't any new online material to share, I have a little waffle about something I have been thinking about! This was last week's offering.)

Have a good look at that diagram.  Interesting isn’t it?  You might need to ponder on it for a while but I stumbled upon it and it encapsulates something I’ve been thinking about lately.   I’ve been noticing that the more study I do – the more I realise how little I actually know!  This might apply to life in general too.....  

I am passionate about learning new stuff – loving the process of learning and get excited when I come across new ideas and theories – even when I don’t necessarily agree with them.  In fact, these days I deliberately search for the opposite of what I am hypothesising as now I am aware of confirmation bias.  This makes for a very rounded way of learning and helps with critical thinking which has not been my strong point in the past.  It’s especially important in this day and age when there is so much false information out there. 

I have also deliberately followed some people on social media who are very different to me – in order to gain new perspectives (I’m not talking about Trump supporters – that’s a bit too far) just people who see things from a different angle to myself. 

When I did a bit more research I found how this relates to the Dunning-Kruger effect which refers to the seemingly pervasive tendency of poor performers to overestimate their abilities relative to other people – and, to a lesser extent, for high performers to underestimate their abilities.  Fascinating isn’t it?

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